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Feeding the Vision


by Joel Comiskey

We need to be restored continually in our vision for cell ministry.  Why? Because yesterday’s vision will not sustain today’s ministry.  In other words, vision leaks.

Most likely maintaining a cell vision is easier for me than you. I’m constantly connected to holistic small group themes. I write about cell themes, coach pastors in cell ministry, speak in cell-based churches, lead a non-profit cell church ministry, and even lead a Wednesday night Life group.

How do you keep your vision strong for cell-based ministry?

One reason we write these blogs is to feed your cell vision. Other ways to renew your cell vision are: books, articles, videos, conferences, and even cell coaching. If you are a lead pastor, are you in a cell group? Leading one? This will also help you stay connected.

Cell church ministry is a marathon, rather than a 50-yard dash. Here are some key ways to renew your vision:

  • Bible reading. The Bible is chalked full of material to stimulate your cell vision. My book, Biblical Foundations for Cell-Based Ministry (2012) and Making Disciples in the 21st Century Church (2013), talk a lot about the biblical base for cell ministry.
  • Resources (books, articles, blogs, etc.). Are you feeding your cell vision by reading cell resources? I’ve put together a list of “must read” books on cell ministry (click here). How many have you read on the list? Do you have a plan to read them? They will help fuel your vision. The same is true with cell blogs, articles, small group resources, and so forth. I’m glad you’re reading this blog and hope you continue!
  • Seminars, conferences, and network gatherings. Cell conferences offer information to inspire your vision and provide opportunities to interact with pastors and leaders who are on the same journey. Do you have plans to attend a seminar or conference in 2017? 2018? (check out the JCG seminars). I’m always impressed with pastors who organize themselves into networks after a seminar for the purpose of encouragement and strengthening their cell vision.
  • Coaching. Having a personal coach is a great way to keep your vision strong and growing. A coach will hold you accountable, listen, encourage, offer resources, and suggest ways to improve. Some coaches charge a fee whole others do it for free. Our book, You Can Coach, looks at the different coaching options and how to coach (maybe God is calling you to coach someone else!). Along with the many free resources, we also offer fee-based coaching at JCG.
  • Personal Experience. Sometimes the best way to renew your vision is to lead a cell group or become a member of a cell. Being in the battle will keep your vision focused. If you haven’t begun your cell journey, maybe you could ask a nearby pastor to allow you to attend one of their cells or pastoral team meetings.