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October 2011 Newsletter


Venta de libros por Joel Comiskey
(precios mejores que amazon por  promedio de $4.00)
--Una Cita con  el Rey (9.95)
--Plantando Iglesias que Reproducen (10.95) 
--Recoged la Cosecha  (9.95)
--La Ruta del Lí­der  (9.95)
--Vive (7.95)
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--Todos los libros de publicaciones de Touch por 12.95     

Evento de JCG para  2012: 

Día con Joel Comiskey, Mario Vega y el eqipo JCG, Febrero 25, 2012. El evento Será tanto en Español como en Ingles en Richardson, TX (12 millas en las afueras de Dallas).  El precio es $59.00 por tiempo limitado (Escriba  el código de descuento: member). Sign-up now

Entrenamiento de Elim Disponible:  

CCS Publishing is emocionado en publicar Elim training track in Spanish. También estaremos publicando una nueva edición del material de entrenamiento de Joel. Vea JCG bookstore

Nuevo Libro: 

Joel Comiskey estas trabajando en  Myths and Truth of the Cell Church: Principios claves que puden hacer y deshacer un Ministerio Celular. Este libro sale en Octubre 2011. 

Ministerio de Joel Comiskey in Agosto:

26-28 de agosto de 2011: San Diego, Ca. Seminario celular en la iglesia: Centro Familiar Cristiano. Persona responsable: Martin Muñoz  

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The Role of Host

The role of the host is one of the most under-appreciated aspects of cell ministry. We hear a lot about the cell leader,supervisor, and pastor but prseciously little about the host. 

Yet, hosting a cell meeting can make or break cell ministry. An effective host creates a welcoming atmosphere that draws people back. Hosts allow the cell leader to focus on the people present and relieves him or her from all the additional hosting work. 

One of the main reasons why cell ministry doesn't grow and prosper more rapidly is because people aren't willing to open their homes. This same problem plagued the early church and Peter addresses it in 1 Peter 4:9 by saying, "Offer hospitality to one another without grumbling" (1 Peter 4:9). Like us today, the early church depended on hospitable members to open their homes for house church ministry.  Back then, there were no church buildings or hotels, and so the believer's homes became the center point for early church ministry. 

I don't believe, however, that the home is the only place for cells to meet. My men's group, for example, meets at a Denny's restaurant on Thursday night. Some cells might meet at Starbucks, a school, or a park. I do encourage cells, however,  not to meet in the church building because cell ministry is an evangelistic penetration strategy rather than a "come to the church" strategy. 

Most cells will meet in homes or apartments, and I think this is a great idea. Why? Because Scripture says the church is a family, and the home atmosphere brings this out in a wonderful way. 

In October, we will be discussing the role of the host, rotation of cell groups, different cell meeting places, and the need for hospitality. Experienced cell church pastors  will write 25 blogs on this  topic throughout the month of October. If you'd like to receive these blogs daily via email,  please sign up HERE.  The schedule is:    

Our goal this month is to answer questions about cell hosting as well as encouraging you and your church to become more hospitable. The extension of Christ's church should not be limited to parking lots and building space. Penetrating cells meeting outside the church building bring the church to needy people wherever they live and work.Please comment HERE.


 Joel Comiskey