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September 2011 Newsletter


Venta de libros por Joel Comiskey
(precios mejores que amazon por  promedio de $4.00)
--Una Cita con  el Rey (9.95)
--Plantando Iglesias que Reproducen (10.95) 
--Recoged la Cosecha  (9.95)
--La Ruta del Lí­der  (9.95)
--Vive (7.95)
--Elim (9.95)
--Todos los libros de publicaciones de Touch por 12.95     

Evento de JCG para  2012: 

Día con Joel Comiskey, Mario Vega y el eqipo JCG, Febrero 25, 2012. El evento Será tanto en Español como en Ingles en Richardson, TX (12 millas en las afueras de Dallas).  El precio es $59.00 por tiempo limitado (Escriba  el código de descuento: member). Sign-up now

Entrenamiento de Elim Disponible:  

CCS Publishing is emocionado en publicar Elim training track in Spanish. También estaremos publicando una nueva edición del material de entrenamiento de Joel. Vea JCG bookstore

Nuevo Libro: 

Joel Comiskey estas trabajando en  Myths and Truth of the Cell Church: Principios claves que puden hacer y deshacer un Ministerio Celular. Este libro sale en Octubre 2011. 

Ministerio de Joel Comiskey in Agosto:

26-28 de agosto de 2011: San Diego, Ca. Seminario celular en la iglesia: Centro Familiar Cristiano. Persona responsable: Martin Muñoz  

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Principles Versus Models

Many pastors believe that finding the right model will unlock their success. They might have heard the pastor of a growing cell church say something like, "All you have to do is follow what I'm doing and your church will grow." You are then instructed to come back multiply times to learn the correct procedures. But is this the right way to go about it?

The reality is that principles-not models-produce fruitfulness. Principles leapfrog models every time. Principles allow for flexibility and apply to a wide range of situations. Models are culturally bound.  Models are inflexible and often require the exact set of circumstances to make them work. Principles apply to any denomination, culture, or situation. The growing cell churches are innovative and break the molds.

David Cho, for example, became convinced of the cell strategy on his death bed. He realized that Jethro's advice to Moses in Exodus 18 applied to his own situation. He then read about the house churches in the book of Acts, and God gave him the vision to start home groups. He had to innovate and tweak his structure as he went forward because he was pioneering new ground. He followed the Spirit of God based on Scripture.

The Elim Church did something similar. They became excited about cell ministry after visiting Cho's church in Korea, but they realized that they had to adapt to the Salvadorean culture. Cho's exact model didn't work for them. They decided that each cell needed a weekly planning meeting to prepare for the cell group. This was one of the keys that unlocked cell fruitfulness in their own culture.

Values come from biblical truths while principles come from what cell churches are actually doing (practice). Models come from the application of biblical values and cell church principles in one's own context. The formula might go like this: biblical values + time-tested principles= contextual models. Yet, after arriving at one's own model, it should never be promoted as "the" model. The values and principles should always be promoted.   

During the month of September, experienced cell church pastors  will write 20 blogs on the topic of principles versus models throughout the month of September. If you'd like to receive these blogs daily via email,  please sign up HERE.  The schedule is:    

  • Week 1 (September 4-10). We'll talk about how biblical values + time-tested principles= contextual models.  
  • Week 2 (September 11-17). The cell church world has been rocked negatively with castle builders and those who want everyone else to follow "their model."  I call this phenomenon "model sickness." The cell church movement has learned the need to move together as a movement based on principles.
  • Week 3 (September 18-24). We will be sharing those biblical values and key principles. Some of the biblical values are: community, priesthood of all believers, relational evangelism, and multiplication. Key principles: prayer, senior pastor guiding the cell vision, cells as base of the church, and a clear definition of the cell. 
  • Week 4 (September 25-October 01). Some cell churches become models (not all) as they work out the values and principles in their own context. We'll talk about some of those models who are in turn promoting the values and principles.  

I hope that you will be encouraged to apply principles that help you develop your own model. Question: Why do you believe that principles are so important and must precede models? What is your experience in this area? Please comment HERE.