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August 2012 Newsletter



2013 JCG Events


--We will have our next JCG event on March 02, 2013 at the Elim Church in Reseda, California(greater Los Angeles). Mario Vega and Joel Comiskey will be ministering with simultaneous translation in English. Place it in your calendars now. Register today and get the special deal of 39.00.

--We will have a second JCG event in the Elim Church in Richardson, Texas (same place as last year) on May 18, 2013. Mario Vega and Joel Comiskey will be ministering and English translation will be available. Place it in your calendars now. More information coming. 

August Ministry  


--August 1-3, 2012: Curitiba, Brazil. Igreja de Deus. Cell seminar. Contact person: Ingrid

--August 5-8, 2012: Brazil. Comunidad Emanuel, Igreja de Deus em Mercedes. Contact person: Ingrid

-August 19-20, 2012: Cell seminar in San Diego, CA at Comunidad Cristiana NAM, pastor Lino Lopez. Contact person: Gabriel Cardenas


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Encounter Retreats

Many cell churches use Encounter Retreats and consider these events  as  key to their growth.  What is an Encounter Retreat? It's a concentrated time (usually 2-3 days) to experience freedom from bondage, bitterness, bad habits, wicked thoughts, and past mistakes. It's a time when Jesus sets people free through the power of the cross. Jesus himself said, "You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free"(John 8:31-32).  


I don't believe anyone will be perfect this side of heaven. We are all in the process of becoming holy or sanctified (Hebrews 10:10). Yet, there are times when believers can experience bursts of holiness, such as a re-dedication, renouncing of sin, and the Spirit's filling. An Encounter Retreat is a time to focus on holiness and to help people find freedom in Jesus through the power of the cross. 


When I first started studying the cell model, I felt that such retreats were complicated and required too much work. "Great for some churches," I thought, but I certainly wasn't convinced. Then God set me free at an Encounter. I experienced freedom from bondage and new victory in my life. In fact, when I wrote my own training material, the second book in the series is called "Encounter." In that book, I took the best from different Encounters (stole the best with pride!). 


However, I've also noticed abuses in Encounter Retreats. For example, certain Encounter Retreats in Brazil at one time were filled with errors and weird psychological regressions. I've also seen congregations over-emphasize Encounters to the point of neglecting the rest of the cell training. And some famous, growing cell churches do not have Encounter Retreats and are doing very well! Could they be doing better with Encounters? God knows. 


This month on the  JCG blog, we will be exploring different aspects of encounter retreats in the cell church.  Experienced cell church pastors will write 25 blogs on the topic of Encounter Retreats in the cell church throughout the month of August. If you'd like to receive these blogs in your email each day, please sign up HERE. We'll cover:


  • Week 1 (August 01-07): What are Encounter Retreats? We'll discuss the components of an Encounter (time frames, subjects, etc.).  
  • Week 2 (August 08-14): We'll look at the positive aspects of an Encounter. We'll examine how Encounters have been used in the cell church today to deal with hidden sin, stagnation, pornography, addictions, resentment, pride, etc.  
  •  Week 3 (August 15-21):  The weaknesses and dangers of Encounter Retreats. Some churches have turned Encounters into unbiblical sessions of regression. I've also seen Encounter Retreats become the central thing in the cell church, rather than focusing on making disciples who make disciples.  
  • Week 4 (August 22-28):  We'll look at some examples of churches in which Encounters are having a powerful impact. 

Do you have Encounter Retreats? If so, share how Encounters have made an impact in your church. Please feel free to comment HERE.  



Joel Comiskey