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July 2011 Newsletter


Sale on Comiskey books
(prices that are far better than by average of $4.00)

--Appointment with the King (8.95)
--Relational Disciple (10.95)
--Church that Multiplies (9.95)
--Planting Churches that Reproduce (8.95)
--You Can Coach (9.95)
--All training track material: 7.45 each or 32.95 for entire set
--All Touch Publication books for 12.95 ($5.00 under pricing)

July Ministry

--July 15-16, 2011: Houston, Texas. Cell conference sponsored by Elim Houston. Contact person: David Lopez at

--July 27-29, 2011: Londrina, Brazil. Cell conference in Portuguese. Contact person: Ingrid at:

JCG event 2012

--Day with Joel Comiskey, Mario Vega and JCG Team on February 25, 2012. The event will be held in both Spanish and English in Richardson, TX (12 miles outside Dallas). The cost is $59.00 for a limited time (type in the discount code:member). Sign-up now.

New book

--Joel Comiskey is working on Myths and Truth of the Cell Church : Key Principles that Will Make or Break Cell Ministry
This book will come out in October 2011.

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Mega Versus Simple Cell Churches

Some in the cell church movement believe that the goal of each cell church is to grow larger and larger. After all, huge cell churches can have a powerful impact on cities and nations.

Others, however, believe that cell churches should be small and simple. Simple cell churches, after all, reproduce more easily and rapidly.

I've heard the arguments on both sides and have even written books both on the power of large cell churches and the reproducible nature of simple cell church planting.

The problem is when one side thinks they are exclusively right. I've heard simple cell church promoters talk against large cell churches. Their argument is that large cell churches are too cumbersome and not reproducible.

The mega cell church promoters, on the other hand, tend to ignore simple cell church planting as lacking the effectiveness to penetrate entire cities for Jesus.

Here's the truth: Large cell churches and simple cell church planting are both needed and necessary! The cell church movement is a big tent and there is room for both small and large cell churches.

I cringe when I hear simple cell church people talk against the large mega cell churches. Yet, I also grieve when large cell church pastors lack the vision to plant small simple cell churches because their only goal is to grow larger and larger.

In July, the JCG blog will explore the role of mega cell churches and simple cell church planting. Experienced cell church pastors and planters will write 24 blogs on this topic throughout the month of July. If you'd like to receive these blogs daily via email, please sign up HERE.

The schedule is:
Week 1 (July 3-9): Celebrating a large tent. Both mega cell churches and simple cell churches are both important in the cell church strategy.
Week 2 (July 10-16): The benefits of mega cell churches.
Week 3 (July 17-23): What it takes to lead a mega church.
Week 4 (July 24-July 30): The benefits of simple cell church planting.
Week 5 (July 31-August 06): What it takes to lead a smaller cell churches.
God is very creative. He's not limited by our own biases.
Rather, God sees the benefits of both.

How about you? What do you believe about the balance between mega and simple cell churches? Please comment HERE

Joel Comiskey