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July 2012 Newsletter



2013 JCG Events


--We will have our next JCG event on March 02, 2013 at the Elim Church in Reseda, California(greater Los Angeles). Mario Vega and Joel Comiskey will be ministering with simultaneous translation in English. Place it in your calendars now. Register today and get the special deal of 39.00.

--We will have a second JCG event in the Elim Church in Richardson, Texas (same place as last year) on May 18, 2013. Mario Vega and Joel Comiskey will be ministering and English translation will be available. Place it in your calendars now. More information coming. 

July / August Ministry  


--July 26-27, 2012. Cell ministry in Salvador, Brazil at Igreja de Deus. Contact person: Ingrid 

--August 1-3, 2012: Curitiba, Brazil. Igreja de Deus. Cell seminar. Contact person: Ingrid

--August 5-8, 2012: Brazil. Comunidad Emanuel, Igreja de Deus em Mercedes. Contact person: Ingrid


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Counseling in the Cell Church

Cell groups often bring needy people to the surface. Carl George in his 1991 book, Prepare Your Church for the Futurecoined the term "EGR" (Extra Grace Required) to refer to people who have special emotional needs and cause problems in the group


Some EGR people are caged in by satanic bondages and need liberation.  Others simply need to learn the art of small group dynamics, like listening rather than talking all the time. Yet, certain EGR people have deeper needs that require special attention. 


I remember one EGR person in my group who I confronted about a critical, labeling spirit. Rather than receive what I had to say, he turned on me. At first I took it personally, but soon realized that this wounded person hurt everyone in his path and fulfilled the saying, "Hurt people, hurt people." 


Some people have gone through the cell church training track, including breaking free from certain bondages, but continue with problems. Yes, the equipping/training trackof the cell church helps a lot. Yet, some people need more.  The truth of the matter is that certain ones need extra attention--like counseling. 
Counseling might take place at the cell level or thecelebration (church) level. Cell churches utilize both wingsto counsel people. But how does counseling happen in the cell church?   


This month on the  JCG blog, we will be exploring different aspects of counseling in the cell church. Experienced cell church pastors will write 25 blogs on the topic of counseling  ministry in the cell church throughout themonth of July. If you'd like to receive these blogs daily via email, please sign up HERE. We'll cover:
  • Week 1 (July 01-07): Problem people and need for counseling. God came to save all men and women. Cells and cell churches often attract the broken. Cells are the best place for healing, but is there a place of personal counseling?
  • Week 2 (July 08-14): Group counseling. We often think of individual counseling, and at times this is needed. But cell groups allow a group to minister to people. The group provides healing. Larry Crabb, the famous North American author and counselor, came to the conclusion that group counseling was more effective than individual counseling. Cell groups allow everyone to get involved in the process. 
  •  Week 3 (July 15-21):  Role of supervisors and pastors How do cells and cell leaders deal with the EGR people. Often the cell leader will ask the supervisor or pastor to help in the counseling process. Pastors can also help out. 
  • Week 4 (July 22-28):  Counseling within and outside the cell. I believe we "under-emphasize" the gift of counseling in the body of Christ. Certain people (like my wife, Celyce), have gift of counseling (called exhortation in the Bible). Often the refreshment time is the most important moment to minister to needy individuals and offer counsel. The cell church training track also helps greatly in setting people free. But what about the rest of the week? Meeting with a problem person for coffee is often the best way to reach out.
  • Week 5 (July 29-August 04): The role of professional counseling.  While I believe 95% of problems can be dealt with through the cells and cell church, there is the occasional need to refer someone to a professional counselor. This week we'll talk about this. In Ecuador, each of the full-time pastors would take turns during the week to counsel those people who came to the church for counseling.

How does your church practice counseling? Please feel free to comment HERE. 

Joel Comiskey