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June 2013 Newsletter


Comiskey's June Schedule:
--June 7-8, 2013. Santa Barbara, California at Iglesia de Cristo La Biblia Abierta S.B;  Pastor Emilio Flores. Contact person: Abaris Luna

--June 22, 2013. Whittier, California. Cell Training with Disciples of Christ. Contact person: Xose Escamilla 

--June 28-30, 2013. Tres Rios, Cartago, Costa Rica. Cell seminar with Assembly of God (apostle Martin Solano). Contact person: Martin Solano 

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Growth through Cell Evangelism

We as Christians believe that apart from Jesus Christ, there is no hope. We believe people are going to hell without the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. And we also know that we have the good news to share, so people can go to heaven. This reality stirs believers to share the gospel at every opportunity. But there's another important factor for sharing the gospel: spiritual growth. That is, we become more like Jesus (better disciples) as we share the gospel. 

Paul the apostle sums up the idea of growth through evangelism when writing to a house church in the first century. Paul said, "I pray that you may be active in sharing your faith, so that you will have a full understanding of every good thing we have in Christ" (Philemon verse 6). We do need to share the gospel individually, but we also need to practice group evangelism since all the New Testament letters were written to house churches. When Jesus told his disciples that he would make them fishers of men, he was referring to netfishing, or cell evangelism. As we reach out as a group, we enter into a full understanding of every good thing we have in Christ. We grow in our understanding of the incredible good news of the gospel, and how it is the power of God to transform each and every person, no matter how far away that person is from God.  

When the group only focuses on fellowship, it is missing an important aspect of spiritual growth and failing to take the group members to the next level. In fact, the very process of cell evangelism brings spiritual growth, not just when someone comes to the group or receives Jesus. I encourage  cell groups to pray for non-Christians each week and plan ways to reach out, even if those evangelism attempts don't bring much fruit. Remember that in the process of reaching out, group members will grow in discipleship. And of course, when the fruit comes, the excitement level rises. I think of James, a new believer, who has brought a new level of excitement to our cell and celebration because of his child-like joy.  

In June on the JCG blog, we'll write about what it means to grow in discipleship through group evangelism. Experienced  cell church pastors will write 25 blogs on this topic during the month of May. If you'd like to receive these blogs in your email inbox each day, please sign up HERE. We'll cover:   

  • Week 1 (June 02-8) Growing in discipleship through group outreach. Some people excuse themselves from evangelism, saying "I just don't have the gift of evangelism" or "I don't do small groups." Yet, we need to realize that group evangelism makes us more like Jesus and helps us to become better disciples.
  • Week 2 (June 09-15) Netfishing. In societies that are more individualistic (the West), we equate evangelism with personally going out and sharing the faith. I do believe in personal sharing, but we also need to realize that Jesus and the writers of the New Testament were writing to house churches when they wrote about evangelism. Sharing the gospel as a group not only strengthens the faith of each member, but it also brings the new believer into a family of faith--rather than trying to follow-up after someone "accepts Jesus."    
  • Week 3 (June 16-22) Developing Relationships. The early church primarily evangelized through the network of close contacts which mainly included the extended family (oikos). The best cell evangelism happens when each member is encouraged to pray for close contacts (family, friends, work associates), serve those close contacts, and eventually invite them to a cell activity.  
  • Week 4 (June 23-29) Authentic sharing as a group. Evangelism in a small group involves authentic transparency which means taking off the masks and letting others see what's really happening. Authenticity helps members to deal with anger, marriage conflict, or accountability to have personal devotions. Transparency is a powerful evangelistic tool because it helps non-Christians understand that they don't have to be perfect to come to Jesus and that accepting Jesus is the first step in the process of following him. It also helps the members of the group grow in their own faith. 
  • Week 5 (June 30-July 06) Outreach Activities. Cell members grow in their faith through a variety of outreach activities, which include praying for the lost, picnics, barbecues, handing out fliers, and social outreach (e.g., acts of kindness). The cell group plans for these activities and in the process each member grows in his or her faith.   It's wonderful when God brings the fruit, but small groups need to be faithful to practice cell evangelism, knowing that group members grow in the process of reaching out. 

Please share how your group is practicing cell evangelism. You comment by clicking here

Joel  Comiskey