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May 2011 Newsletter


JCG event 2012: Day with Joel Comiskey, Mario Vega and JCG Team on February 25, 2012. The event will be held in both Spanish and English in Richardson, TX (12 miles outside Dallas). The cost is $59.00 for a limited time (type in the discount code: member). Sign-up now.  
New book: Joel Comiskey is working on  Myths and Truth of the Cell Church :  Key Principles that Will Make or Break Cell Ministry. The book will come out in October 2011.

Elim Training Available: CCS Publishing is excited to publish the Elim training track in Spanish. We will also be publishing a new edition of Joel's Spanish training material. Check out the JCG bookstore for special deals.

May ministry-Russia: 
May 7-16, 2011, Moscow, Russia. Cell seminar with various churches. Contact person: Jim Corley at

May 20-24, 2011, Miami, Florida. Cell ministry with OIKOS at EXPOLIT. Contact person: Pastor Ernesto at

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Money and the Cell Church

Money is important. We need it to live and survive. And the Bible talks about it a lot! There are 40 verses on "baptism," 275 verses on "prayer," 350 verses on "faith," 650 verses on "love"- and 2,350 verses that specifically relate to finances and material possessions. 

Martin Luther once said, "People go through three conversions: their head, their heart and their pocketbook. Unfortunately, not all at the same time." The phrase, "Put your money where your mouth is," applies to all of life, as well the church's budget. 

Churches prioritize in their budgets those ministries which are near and dear to them. I was a pastor in one church in which monthly evangelistic campaigns were the priority. We spent a lot of money to bring in first-class evangelists and then even more to follow-up after the event ended. I was involved in another church that prioritized Sunday School and drama events. Large amounts of money were set aside to make sure these programs were fully funded. 

What about the cell church? Is it different? As I researched cell churches around the world, I noticed their budgets reflected their cell priorities for such things as: cell resources, cell offices, seminars to train leaders, equipping material,  social action, and salaries for cell pastors, to name a few. I could clearly see the church's priorities by looking at their budgets. 

This month (May) on JCG, we will be talking about money, priorities, and the cell church. Six committed cell church leaders will  produce twenty-five blogs on different aspects of the theme, "Money and the Cell Church." 

  • Week 1 (May 1-7): the cell church budget
  • Week 2  (May 8-14): taking offerings in cells
  • Week 3 (May 15-21): meeting physical needs in the cell. 
  • Week 4 (May 22-28): raising up and supporting  new pastors in the cell church 
  • Week 5 (May 29-June 04): testimonies of the cell church and money.

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Joel Comiskey